When it comes to Cables & Wires, we’ve got your back – as your resident expert on cable and wiring products, we offer everything from actual cables including A/V, data, RF, IDC / flat, and mains / control cables, to cable accessories like cable ties and support, cable trunks, protective tubes, and cable markers. As an unmissable component of the majority of electronic products and installations, quality cables and wires are essential to ensure the success of your electronics projects.Our range includes all the essentials when working with cabling and wiring. Amongst our wire accessories, cable accessories and wiring tools are products like cable lugs to securely connect or terminate cables, bootlace ferrules to ensure a reliable wire connection, cable glands to secure cables to equipment, or protective tubes (including heat shrink tubing) to guarantee safety.We also offer cable assemblies – a useful product that is often used to transmit signals, and which boasts the advantage of organising several individual cables in one easy to replace and maintain package – and cable entry systems used to route cables into systems such as switch cabinets, electrical enclosures or control panels.This large variety of products makes our webshop a one-stop-shop for all your cable and wire needs – check out our wide selection of brands for all your cabling and wiring needs.