As part of our range of passive components – meaning, electronic components in an electronic system used to affect electrons, however not able to control current through another electrical signal – we take great pride in providing extensive selections of aerials, capacitors, ferrites, filters, inductors, potentiometers, trimmers and resistors.All of our products are carefully chosen to adhere to high quality standards, and thus, browsing through the ranges of aerials from top brands, capacitors (including aluminium electrolytic capacitors, polymer capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, interference suppression capacitors, power capacitors, tantalum capacitors, variable/trimmer capacitors and more), ferrites (cores include RM, PM, EP, P, E, ELP, EQ/I, ETD, EFD, U/I, toroidal and dual aperture), filters (including radial common mode, SMD common mode, dual mode, mains filters for 1 or 3 phase systems), inductors (including SMD, radial, axial, toroidal and charging), resistors (including chip SMD, current sense SMD, current sense through hole, panel/chassis mount, through hole and wirewound) and potentiometers, you can rest assured that we can provide the right products for your projects.We’re experts on passive components and don’t just deal with selling products to you – we’re well informed on the market, and can, for instance, recommend you polymer capacitors as an answer to the MLCC shortage. Contact us and we’d be happy to talk passive components with you!