FERRITES contain different metals (Nickel, Zink, Iron oxide) which absorb/reduce EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) noise at a certain frequency and convert it into thermal energy (heat). Nearly all electronic devices generate electromagnetic waves, which may negatively affect other, similar electronic devices, therefore Ferrites come to the rescue and are most commonly used by Engineers to tackle various noise reduction requirement.Ferrites may also be named as blocks, cores, rings, rods, EMI filters or chokes etc.Where ferrites are used the most? -Cores for cable assemblies-Material for shielding of housings-SMD Ferrites on PCB Boards.We sell the best in class ferrites at the best price and latest NEW products on offer! View different types of ferrites such as split ferrites, toroidal cores or ferrites rod etc. We only offer ferrites products from reputable manufacturers: Wurth, KEMET, Epcos, Kitagawa but also Distrelec's own brand offers ferrites technology at affordable prices and best quality!