An inductor, also known as a choke or a coil etc. contains in its most basic form always a ferrite core and wounded wire with high insulating material, which has the ability to store energy in a magnetic field, when electric current is present, and/or filter EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) noise at a certain frequency to control magnetic flux. Inductors are recognised by inductance, the ratio of a voltage to a rate of change of current, for example in radio equipment to allow DC and block AC currents. Most commonly used ferrite is on a power cable to reduce electrical noise.What are the most common Inductor's types?-Surface mount (SMD) inductors/beads-Radial/Axial Inductors-Toroidal Inductors/Chokes-Charging Coils (Receiver/TRanssmitter)-Inductors Assortment/KitsWe offer EMI and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) inductors, and a portfolio of power charging coils used for inductive charging for DC-DC currents. Main brands offering the best in class inductors/Chokes are: Wurth, Bourns, Schaffner, KEMET and RND Components!