Potentiometers, also referred to as pots, Trimmers, are variable resistors, designed so that their resistance values can be changed easily, adjust with a screw driver, to regulate a current flow through a circuit. Trimmers, also known as trimpots, are mainly designed to adjust, tune or calibrate current in a circuit on a couple of occasions, not frequently. The key difference is a number of terminals: three or two.Browse our potentiometers and trimmers technology including linear, rotary, slide, trimmer potentiometers and digital display potentiometers, or even adjusting tools. Potentiometers and trimmers are used to calibrate and control circuits onto a PCB (printed circuit board). Trimmer potentiometers are easy to adjust with a screwdriver.Our market leader Bourns, have a comprehensive portfolio presence at competitive pricing and innovative technology! Visit Distrelec's website to see the all the brands supplying us with potentiometers and trimmers components for example: Vishay, Ohmite/Arcol, Piher or Contelec etc!